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The Proof is Out There: 2x1

UFOs Caught on Camera

Tony Harris separates the real from the fake in some of the top UFOs caught on camera in recent history. Spanning 70 years, videos range from a bizarre shape caught on camera during a 1950s minor league baseball game, to new videos leaked in 2021 of pyramids apparently stalking US warships, to a UFO that seemingly dives into the ocean and disappears. Harris and a collection of top experts, from national security specialists to physicists, evaluate each video or film. In 2021. a us government report on UFOs made international headlines by admitting UFOs are real. but the big question remains: What are these incredible objects seen throughout history and around the world? This super-sized episode features videos and films deemed highly credible, and now analyzed for the first time.

Sep. 17, 2021

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